Vocabulary l শব্দ ভান্ডার

Vocabulary l শব্দ ভান্ডার
1.Wanna = Want to
2.Gotta = has/have got to and has/
have got a
3.Gimme = Give me
4.Dunno = Don’t know
5.Gotcha = I have got you.
6.Lemme = Let me
7.ain’t = is not/am not/are not/has
not/have not.
8.Whaddya call it = What do you call
it ?
9.Needa = need to
10.Howzzat = How is that ?
11.Kinda = Kind of
12.Whenz = When is
13.Whatchamacallit = What am I call
it ?
14.Whatsit = What is it ?
15.What’s ‘er name = What is your
name ?
16.Outta = Out of
17.Cuppa = Cup of
18.lots of = lotta
19.Have to/Has to = Hafta
20.Will not = Won’t
21.Don’t = Don
22.Didn’t= Din
23.Doesn’t = Doesn
24.Shouldn’t = Shun
25.Could not = Cun
26.Would not = Wun


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