My aimless story

From my childhood,i want to be a computer engineer but for so many unexpected reason i can’t do it usually & neither I’ve the engineering certificate.
I’m learning some of programming language by reading books.
and learning web design and development,also blogging as my hobby.
i always trying to changed any option or edit system file in computer, have curiosity to see and to get learn that’s how does it affect after the next reboot of computer.
I’ve never ever feel bored with my computer.
i love to up to date & learn about technology.
internet is the best source of all kinds of knowledge.
I’m learning from it day by day.
i will be most happiest person in the world if i would have at lest 1Mps up unlimited broadband internet.
i can’t live without My PC.
if I’ll get an opportunity to make my life as my own,i want to born again and doing My best to be a computer engineer.
but in real life its not possible now to get chance in buet or other IT universities or neither studied about my desired computer science.
its was the great mistake of my life and I’m badly suffering for it.
although i don’t have any academic acknowledgement for My hobby as well as i do in my free time.
but i believed that I’m a computer engineer,I’ve the ability to be and I’ve my spontaneous certificate.

তথ্য কণিকা

A Poor Servant of Almighty🙂

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